Wife of a Consultant-Part 1

I wake up at 3:30 am on Monday mornings to the sound of my husband’s alarm.  I hear him get out of bed and into the bathroom to shower.  I fall asleep and once again wake up 45 minutes later.  My husband kisses me goodbye and says I love you. With one eye open, I watch him leave our room with his suitcase; knowing I won’t see him until Thursday night.  I roll over and stretch my arm out, only to find a cold empty space.  I reach for my phone and my eyes adjust to the bright light.  I skim through Facebook, check my email, and check weather for the day.  I read a few things and wish I could go back to sleep.

We have been married for over 6 years and he has been traveling for work for well over 10 years.  This is not an occasional travel.   This is a mandatory every week travel, Monday through Thursday.  Some weeks till Fridays.  When my husband is gone, I am everything to our two daughters.  If one has a pee accident at night,  it’s me who has to get up and change sheets, comfort her, change clothes, and get her back into bed without waking the other up.

During the day, there’s laundry, dishes, cleaning, and cooking to do.  And of course, homework and reading time, pack lunches for the following day, get uniforms out and ironed.  We have hired people to complete these chores so that I can focus on the kids.  But no one really does it like you do.  Folding clothes a certain way.  Washing dishes with extra soapy water to get grease out.  Using a little extra fabric softener.  You can hire people to take care of this stuff but you can’t hire someone to comfort you or cuddle with you.  Nighttime is the hardest.  Sitting at the dinner table with three empty chairs, the food isn’t so appetizing anymore.  The hardest part is being both parents.  Sometimes I have to be soft and other days more tough.  Some days I have to pretend to be daddy.  Some days I have to tell my daughters what daddy would say.  Sometimes little girls just need their daddy!

Some days it’s moments like, “the only adult I spoke to was 3 days ago” that makes it tough.  Then there’s boredom and sadness of long days and lonely nights.  All academics, piano lessons, reading materials, disciplining, ouchie kissing, cooking and cleaning, and emergencies are handled by me alone.

Some days I feel envious of my husband eating steak dinners and getting a drink after dinner while I sit at home eating lentils and rice while watching Disney Junior.

Being left at home by a travelling spouse can be a major drag.  In Part 2, I will tell you about perks and how I have been making our marriage work…

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.”-Unknown



A Simple Saturday: 5 Ideas on living a simple life

love hands

Saturday’s.  The first day of the weekend.  Typically we have a list of errands to run and things to do. My husband always feels our weekends are far from being relaxed and laid back.  As much as I try to avoid running errands or go to Target, there’s always something to do.  And then of course there’s grocery shopping.  Ugh.  How do we keep our life simple and more organized? Here’s what has worked for me:

  1. DE-CLUTTER.  One of the most common and important task to do.  It doesn’t have to be the entire house.  It could be a closet, an office, a room, playgroup, etc.  Take baby steps.  With two kids, it is impossible to go through the entire house and de-clutter.  Once you de-clutter one room at a time you will feel happier, have a lot more breathing room, and actually enjoy that area of your home more.
  2. SPEND TIME OUTSIDE.  The more time we spend outside the more in touch with everything I feel.  Whether is riding a bicycle, going on a walk, or playing with the girls outside, there are a lot of options.  For me, going on a walk is a big stress reliever.  A big bonus!
  3. SPEND ALONE TIME.  With everyone having a hectic life, it’s hard to get alone time with yourself.  This is so important though.  Spending time alone with me and my thoughts, helps me organize my thoughts and rationalize my feelings.  I get a million thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis and this is something that helps me prioritize what’s important.  Even though, I’m more of an extroverted person, I do look forward to my quiet time.
  4. GIVE UP CELLPHONE AND TELEVISION.  No, I’m not saying all day or forever, just maybe an hour or two a day.  The amount of TV we watch these days is ridiculous.  More so, the amount of time spent on a cellphone is outrageous! Sometimes I find myself on Facebook or Instagram while my daughter is talking to me.  The moment I realize it, I put it away and feel awful!   I’ve been doing better and plan to keeping improving.
  5. MAKE A LIST.  I make many lists.  Grocery list, things to do list, things to buy list, things to finish. Sigh.   However, these do help me feel sane.  I love the feeling of being able to cross things off my lists! Feels like I’ve accomplished so much while juggling the rest of my motherly and wifey duties.  Definitely give this a try!

These are just some of things that help me. I hope one or a few of them will be able to help you.  Some days I do struggle more than others, but I stay positive. That’s the most important way to live life….Be positive and good things will follow!

Until next time,


30 Fun Facts About Me

IMG_1774 (1)

It’s Wednesday.  Mid week sucks.  I feel like Wednesday is the s l o w e s t day ever! I’m tired of cleaning, folding laundry, doing the dishes, cooking, picking up toys…you get the picture.  So, to make this a positive post, I decided to share 30 fun facts about me.  This way you get to know me better and hopefully find something in common. Here we go!

  1. I’m 29 years old. (Big 30 around the corner!)
  2. I have two daughters.  Older one is 5 years old and the little one is 18 months old.
  3. I’m married to my best friend, soulmate and we have the most amazing love story which I will share at an another time.
  4. I was born in India but moved to the United States in 1997.
  5. I’m the middle child and suffer from middle child syndrome! (hehe)
  6. I’m a Pisces.  I’m super sensitive, emotional, and a big dreamer.
  7. I have a phobia of heights & tight spaces.  Scientific terms: acrophobia & claustrophobia.
  8. I can speak three languages: English, Hindi, and Punjabi.
  9. I love to shop.  Anything and everything.  Mainly clothes & makeup. (my husband would definitely agree!)
  10. I’m a certified Montessori teacher for children birth thru three years of age.
  11. I’m also an Aveda Institute graduate specializing in Aesthetics. (skincare)
  12. I’m currently learning NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is basically techniques and rules used to modify behavior in self improvement, self management, and interpersonal communications.  (I will do another post on NLP in the future)
  13. I have an impeccable photographic memory.  I remember faces and where I have met them and what I was doing at that time.  It’s crazy!
  14. I get really lazy sometimes.  (who else is with me on this?!)
  15. I like to bargain shop but I do splurge on two of my favorite things: makeup and skincare products.
  16. I hate bugs, insects, reptiles.  Flies are annoying.  Fruit flies are pure evil.
  17. I’m allergic to cats.
  18. I love traveling.  Some of the places I’ve visited are St. Thomas, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Paris, Hawaii.  I would love to visit Fiji Islands & Bora Bora.
  19. Once I won $200 on a $1 scratch off ticket.
  20. My new favorite show is The Bachelorette.  (anyone else likes this?)
  21. My favorite holiday is Christmas.  Besides getting presents, we love to decorate the tree and make cookies for Santa.  My girls will stay up all night if they could! . This past year, Santa “requested” chocolate chip cookies.  They were goooood! 🙂
  22. I’m extremely gullible. (Need to work on this)
  23. I have over 100 bottles of nail polish. (shhh! don’t tell my husband)
  24. I love Jasmine flowers.
  25. My favorite color is Purple.
  26. I love candles, although i’m still waiting to have a candlelight dinner planned by hubby dearest. (sigh)
  27.  I like to try new restaurants as long as they have something that I like on the menu. (A month ago I tried oysters for the first time. Interesting taste)
  28. I love Italian food.  There’s something about Italian men (oops) meatballs and spaghetti, pasta, pizza, yumm!
  29. I’ve always wanted a dog.  Maybe when our girls a little older.  My daughter wants to name him/her Fluffy!
  30. I plan to celebrate my milestone 30th Vegas style! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! But I will share some things with you!

Until next time, Stay smiling!


Happy Fourth of July!


Here in Austin, TX we are getting used to the hot temperatures. Although the temperatures are a bit under what they are typically this time of year, we can still feel the heat and sweat dripping down on our forehead. We are averaging 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Phew!

My family is very excited about the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.  My husband will be home early and we all get to spend four days together! And in case you were wondering, he is only home on weekends since his job requires him to travel every week.  Yes, it gets tiring and exhausting for me, which is why anytime he has extra days at home, me and the girls are super thrilled! Apart from hubby being home, there’s BBQ, fireworks, and friends all planned for the upcoming holiday.  I’m hoping the weather will be nice and dry since we like to enjoy our Fourth of July outdoors and watching the girls play.

While you have your family and friends outdoors, I wanted to share some tips to make this holiday fun and safe.  Let’s begin, shall we?

  •  Since everyone will be outside enjoying the sun and games, please please please remember to hydrate.  Children and the elderly are at severe risk of getting dehydrated.  My girls do not drink juice or soda, just plain water.  I always have a sippy cup within their reach especially when they are outdoors.  Recently, I found Honest Company’s juice drink at Costco for a very reasonable cost.  The taste is quite refreshing, perfect for hot summer days. Give it a try!


  • Apply sunscreen before and during an outdoor setting.  Ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun cause premature aging and skin cancer long-term, and a painful sunburn the next day.  If you are going to be in water, remember to get water-resistant sunscreen at least a 30 SPF. I use Neutrogena Pure & Free baby sunscreen for my girls. My friends have also vouched for California Baby sunscreen lotion as an excellent choice.
  • A must during the Fourth of July is fireworks. Please check to make sure it is legal to light fireworks in your area.  Keep kids away from fireworks at all times. It’s always safer to attend a fireworks show in your community instead of trying to put on a show yourself.
  • Another favorite pastime during the Fourth of July celebration is the use of a swimming pool. Always watch your kids when they are in the pool.  Do not think others will watch them in your absence.  You are responsible for your child’s safety.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves being outdoors is bugs! Eeek! Hate them.  Here in texas, I have seen a variety of spiders (huge ones!), scorpions, lizards, of course various small bugs. I came across this bug repellent at Sprouts.  It’s all natural and has essential oils such as Citronella, Cedar, Geranium; all of which bugs dislike. Only downside is that it is a bit strong when you first spray it, but after a while the smell is diminished.  This will repel small bugs and ticks, but not others mentioned above.


While you are enjoying yourself this long weekend, keep the things listed above in mind.  I hope this list will make your life a little bit easier. Eat up! Drink up! Savor all the treats! Enjoy your time with friends and family. Happy Fourth of July, y’all! Cheers!


Sending your first child to Kindergarten


The spring semester is over.  The summer session is half way over.  Soon it will be time to send our first daughter, Sanjana, to kindergarten.  Where did the time go? I still remember the day she was born. I was in labor for 22 1/2 hours then finally had an emergency c section.  Everyone says the love you have for your first child is different than other children you may have.  At first, I did not believe it but now I see what they mean.   It certainly does not mean that I love my second daughter less than the first.  The first child gives you the honor to become a mother.  The little bundle of joy who relies solely on you for everything.  All of the sudden you have such an important job.  A Mother.

Fast forward to present, Sanjana is closing in on her first day of kindergarten.  The first day of kindergarten does not sneak up on you.  In fact, I have been imaging it for quite sometime now.  Yet, sometimes I still remember looking at those blurry ultrasound pictures.  So much to do.  School supply lists.  Uniforms.  Backpack.  Lunchbox.  Health forms.  Extra curricular activities.  Meeting the teacher.  Dropping her off in a new school with scary 5th graders.  Yikes!

Sanjana has always done well in school.  She started talking at the age of 18 months.  She was pointing to things around 2 years of age.  Now, she is 5 and able to read and comprehend stories.  Whaaat?! Yeah, smarty pants! I know she will do well wherever she will go.  She has been in a nurturing and sheltered environment all her life and now it’s time for me to let her go a little bit.  Do the things kids do without having me constantly telling her, “get off or else you will fall”, “watch out” “don’t do that again”, “go slow!”  I like to be on the err side of caution.

As the days get closer and closer, I’m a little bit sad and a little bit excited.  I don’t know how she will be.  New friends.  New teachers.  New building.  Everything will be new.  However, somethings will always remain the same. I will pack her lunch.  I will get her ready.  I will drop her.  My favorite part of the day, when I finally pick her up from school and she runs to me and hugs me so tightly and says, ” I really missed you mommy!”  I’m instantly elated!


Hello world!


Hey y’all!  I’ve finally decided to start blogging my thoughts, experiences, and adventures since June 2015.  Being a mother of two daughters and wife of a traveling consultant, I have learnt a lot about myself.  This blog is dedicated to all those experiences, feelings, and everything else life throws at me! So sit back, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and stay awhile!