Sending your first child to Kindergarten


The spring semester is over.  The summer session is half way over.  Soon it will be time to send our first daughter, Sanjana, to kindergarten.  Where did the time go? I still remember the day she was born. I was in labor for 22 1/2 hours then finally had an emergency c section.  Everyone says the love you have for your first child is different than other children you may have.  At first, I did not believe it but now I see what they mean.   It certainly does not mean that I love my second daughter less than the first.  The first child gives you the honor to become a mother.  The little bundle of joy who relies solely on you for everything.  All of the sudden you have such an important job.  A Mother.

Fast forward to present, Sanjana is closing in on her first day of kindergarten.  The first day of kindergarten does not sneak up on you.  In fact, I have been imaging it for quite sometime now.  Yet, sometimes I still remember looking at those blurry ultrasound pictures.  So much to do.  School supply lists.  Uniforms.  Backpack.  Lunchbox.  Health forms.  Extra curricular activities.  Meeting the teacher.  Dropping her off in a new school with scary 5th graders.  Yikes!

Sanjana has always done well in school.  She started talking at the age of 18 months.  She was pointing to things around 2 years of age.  Now, she is 5 and able to read and comprehend stories.  Whaaat?! Yeah, smarty pants! I know she will do well wherever she will go.  She has been in a nurturing and sheltered environment all her life and now it’s time for me to let her go a little bit.  Do the things kids do without having me constantly telling her, “get off or else you will fall”, “watch out” “don’t do that again”, “go slow!”  I like to be on the err side of caution.

As the days get closer and closer, I’m a little bit sad and a little bit excited.  I don’t know how she will be.  New friends.  New teachers.  New building.  Everything will be new.  However, somethings will always remain the same. I will pack her lunch.  I will get her ready.  I will drop her.  My favorite part of the day, when I finally pick her up from school and she runs to me and hugs me so tightly and says, ” I really missed you mommy!”  I’m instantly elated!