A Simple Saturday: 5 Ideas on living a simple life

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Saturday’s.  The first day of the weekend.  Typically we have a list of errands to run and things to do. My husband always feels our weekends are far from being relaxed and laid back.  As much as I try to avoid running errands or go to Target, there’s always something to do.  And then of course there’s grocery shopping.  Ugh.  How do we keep our life simple and more organized? Here’s what has worked for me:

  1. DE-CLUTTER.  One of the most common and important task to do.  It doesn’t have to be the entire house.  It could be a closet, an office, a room, playgroup, etc.  Take baby steps.  With two kids, it is impossible to go through the entire house and de-clutter.  Once you de-clutter one room at a time you will feel happier, have a lot more breathing room, and actually enjoy that area of your home more.
  2. SPEND TIME OUTSIDE.  The more time we spend outside the more in touch with everything I feel.  Whether is riding a bicycle, going on a walk, or playing with the girls outside, there are a lot of options.  For me, going on a walk is a big stress reliever.  A big bonus!
  3. SPEND ALONE TIME.  With everyone having a hectic life, it’s hard to get alone time with yourself.  This is so important though.  Spending time alone with me and my thoughts, helps me organize my thoughts and rationalize my feelings.  I get a million thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis and this is something that helps me prioritize what’s important.  Even though, I’m more of an extroverted person, I do look forward to my quiet time.
  4. GIVE UP CELLPHONE AND TELEVISION.  No, I’m not saying all day or forever, just maybe an hour or two a day.  The amount of TV we watch these days is ridiculous.  More so, the amount of time spent on a cellphone is outrageous! Sometimes I find myself on Facebook or Instagram while my daughter is talking to me.  The moment I realize it, I put it away and feel awful!   I’ve been doing better and plan to keeping improving.
  5. MAKE A LIST.  I make many lists.  Grocery list, things to do list, things to buy list, things to finish. Sigh.   However, these do help me feel sane.  I love the feeling of being able to cross things off my lists! Feels like I’ve accomplished so much while juggling the rest of my motherly and wifey duties.  Definitely give this a try!

These are just some of things that help me. I hope one or a few of them will be able to help you.  Some days I do struggle more than others, but I stay positive. That’s the most important way to live life….Be positive and good things will follow!

Until next time,